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unite.vim source for haddock and hoogle


:Unite haddock shows all installed modules.

:Unite hoogle shows the result of hoogle command. You have to install the hoogle command by cabal install hoogle to enable this source.

:Unite hoogle:exact shows the result of hoogle exact search. It corresponds to passing --exact argument to hoogle.


browse_local (default)

Opens local haddock.

  • Note: To generate local documentations, you must install packages with --enable-documentation, or edit $HOME/.cabal/config: documentation: True.


Opens remote haddock (Hackage).

  • Note: If you'd like to make this action default, add call unite#custom_default_action('haddock', 'browse_remote') to your vimrc. See :help unite#custom_default_action() for more detail.

preview (hoogle only)

Shows the information in the preview window.

  • Note: You can preview the informatin by pressing p key on a candidate.

Global Variables


The maximal number of candidates of hoogle.

Default: 200


The browser used to view documentations.

Normally, you don't have to set this variable. If you're using a minor DE (e.g. awesome, XMonad) and xdg-open fails to recognize local file URIs correctly, set this variable manually in your ~/.vimrc.

let g:unite_source_haddock_browser = 'firefox'