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✉️ serverless-mailer

Serverless Service for sending emails. Compatible with Serverless version 1.0.0-rc.2.


  • 30+ pre-configured services (Gmail, Hotmail, SendGrid...etc)
  • HTML content as well as plain text alternative
  • 30+ supported HTML template engines (handlebars, jade, haml...etc)
  • Easy HTML styling with Juice
  • Embedded images in HTML
  • Email Attachments
  • Unicode to use any characters

Quick Usage

  • Clone the service
git clone
  • Install Dependencies
cd serverless-mailer
npm install
  • Set Environment Variables

Open .env file and set the following env vars:


NOTE: In case of Gmail, you need to setup an "App Password"

  • Deploy The Service (serverless deploy)
  • Invoke The Function:

Edit the following event data in the event.json file with your own data:

  "from": "",
  "to": "",
  "subject": "Hello",
  "template": "welcome",
  "context": {
    "first_name": "Sam",
    "last_name": "Smith"

Then invoke the send function by running serverless invoke -f send -p event.json

This will use the welcome template coupled with the context/data (first_name & last_name). You should receive an email that says:

Welcome Sam Smith

You can edit the template text by editing these two files:


Supported Services

serverless-mailer supports the following 30 service, pre-configured and ready to use. You just provide the service, username & password in env vars as shown earlier:

  • '1und1'
  • 'AOL'
  • ''
  • 'DynectEmail'
  • 'FastMail'
  • 'GandiMail'
  • 'Gmail'
  • 'Godaddy'
  • 'GodaddyAsia'
  • 'GodaddyEurope'
  • ''
  • 'Hotmail'
  • 'iCloud'
  • ''
  • ''
  • 'Mailgun'
  • 'Mailjet'
  • 'Mandrill'
  • 'Naver'
  • 'Postmark'
  • 'QQ'
  • 'QQex'
  • 'SendCloud'
  • 'SendGrid'
  • 'SES'
  • 'Sparkpost'
  • 'Yahoo'
  • 'Yandex'
  • 'Zoho'

Template Engines

serverless-mailer comes with a welcome template for demonstration. You can add/remove templates from the following directory:


serverless-mailer uses handlebars as the default template engine. You can use any other template engine by adding it to the module's package.json file and update dependencies with npm install.

Here's the full list of supported templates:

after choosing your template engine, make sure the file extensions of the template files match the template you chose:


Mail Options (Event Properties):

Here's the full list of options you can pass in your event:

  • from - The e-mail address of the sender. All e-mail addresses can be plain '' or formatted 'Sender Name <>', see here for details
  • sender - An e-mail address that will appear on the Sender: field
  • to - Comma separated list or an array of recipients e-mail addresses that will appear on the To: field
  • cc - Comma separated list or an array of recipients e-mail addresses that will appear on the Cc: field
  • bcc - Comma separated list or an array of recipients e-mail addresses that will appear on the Bcc: field
  • replyTo - An e-mail address that will appear on the Reply-To: field
  • inReplyTo - The message-id this message is replying
  • references - Message-id list (an array or space separated string)
  • subject - The subject of the e-mail
  • template - The template to use for this email. Make sure it matches one of the folder names inside the templates folder
  • context - The context/data the template needs. eg. {"first_name": "..."}
  • watchHtml - Apple Watch specific HTML version of the message (experimental)
  • headers - An object or array of additional header fields (e.g. {"X-Key-Name": "key value"} or [{key: "X-Key-Name", value: "val1"}, {key: "X-Key-Name", value: "val2"}])
  • attachments - An array of attachment objects
  • alternatives - An array of alternative text contents (in addition to text and html parts)
  • envelope - optional SMTP envelope, if auto generated envelope is not suitable
  • messageId - optional Message-Id value, random value will be generated if not set
  • date - optional Date value, current UTC string will be used if not set
  • encoding - optional transfer encoding for the textual parts


✉️ Serverless Service for sending emails.




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