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bindings [OCaml] Add functions for accessing metadata nodes. Jun 22, 2016
cmake Add AIX support to, Host.h, and CMake. Jul 19, 2016
docs Change some more llvm highlighting instances to be text instead. It s… Jul 23, 2016
examples [Kaleidoscope][BuildingAJIT] Start filling in text for chapter 3. Jul 15, 2016
include Fix : Partial Inliner requires AssumptionCacheTracker Jul 25, 2016
lib [ARM] Improve longMAC codegen test Jul 25, 2016
projects Remove autoconf support Jan 26, 2016
resources In MSVC builds embed a VERSIONINFO resource in our exe and DLL files. Jun 12, 2015
runtimes [CMake] Add LLVM runtimes directory Jun 23, 2016
test [ARM] Improve longMAC codegen test Jul 25, 2016
tools [llvm-cov] Don't copy stylesheets into index files Jul 22, 2016
unittests Use RValue refs in APInt add/sub methods. Jul 22, 2016
utils [utils] Update coverage regression checking script Jul 22, 2016
.arcconfig Upgrade all the .arcconfigs to https. Jul 14, 2016
.clang-format Test commit. Mar 2, 2014
.clang-tidy Don't use misc-unused-parameters check on LLVM. Apr 13, 2016
.gitignore [CMake] Add LLVM runtimes directory Jun 23, 2016
CMakeLists.txt [cmake] Use a sane default for LLVM_PROFILE_DATA_DIR Jul 23, 2016
CODE_OWNERS.TXT CODE_OWNERS: Take ownership of the MIPS backend Jul 23, 2016
CREDITS.TXT Update my email address. May 10, 2016
LICENSE.TXT Update copyright year to 2016. Mar 30, 2016
LLVMBuild.txt Remove the very substantial, largely unmaintained legacy PGO Oct 2, 2013
README.txt Revert previous test commit. Jan 4, 2016
configure Remove autoconf support Jan 26, 2016 [Sparc] Implement i64 load/store support for 32-bit sparc. Aug 10, 2015


Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM)

This directory and its subdirectories contain source code for LLVM,
a toolkit for the construction of highly optimized compilers,
optimizers, and runtime environments.

LLVM is open source software. You may freely distribute it under the terms of
the license agreement found in LICENSE.txt.

Please see the documentation provided in docs/ for further
assistance with LLVM, and in particular docs/GettingStarted.rst for getting
started with LLVM and docs/README.txt for an overview of LLVM's
documentation setup.

If you are writing a package for LLVM, see docs/Packaging.rst for our