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EHCP Force Edition

Easy Hosting Control Panel

Forked from

The Easy Hosting Control Panel (EHCP) is a fully functional, advanced, free, and open source website panel platform that provides a user interface for creating and managing multiple administrators, resellers, users, websites, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, email accounts, and more! EHCP works on most Debian based operating systems. EHCP Force Edition works best on and has been tested thoroughly on all supported versions of Ubuntu.

EHCP even installs and configures your web server software (by default, EHCP Force uses Apache2) for you while also providing additional security by slip streaming and including fail2ban and DDoS automatic banning (against Apache). EHCP Force now properly supports nginx (SSL and Non-SSL) integration should you wish to choose more efficient web server software.

Use custom SSL certificates, free Let's Encrypt certificates, wildcard SSL certificates, and more.


EHCP Force Edition Panel

Screenshot of Picante Theme:

EHCP Force Edition Easy Hosting Control Panel Main Theme Screenshot

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Forums for Support

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