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莲米粒 🎈 LianmiLite


Feature Requests





  1. 建立一个数据库,导入 api/docs/lianmilite.sql
  2. 打开 api/config/database.php , 填写数据库相关信息


API 需要rewrite。


  1. cd api
  2. 创建 config/hide.php,内容为
$GLOBALS['lpconfig']['wechat_miniapp_id'] = '小程序appid';
$GLOBALS['lpconfig']['wechat_miniapp_secret'] = '小程序appsecret';

3.启动测试服务器 php -S localhost:8000 route.php 注意要带 route.php 参数,不然不支持 rewrite。


修改 api/sample.htaccess.htaccess 后可用于 Apache 配置。



用微信开发者工具打开 mini 目录,修改 appid 即可。



机翻英文 | English intro that machine translated

莲米粒 🎈 LianmiLite

LianmiLite is a timeline application based on the PHP+MySQL+WeChat mini programe stack with user login, publish, modify, delete and retweet feed, and private message chat module.

Its purpose is two, first of all as a basic project for secondary development. Most applications, even those of the tool category, will have the need to add private messages and timeline function once the number of users has increased. You can add business modules to this system and quickly modify a product that is available with social attributes.

Second, for teaching and presentation. Most of the small program tutorials on the market today are just looking for a ready-made API that explains how to build an interface. lianmilite is an application that realizes both front and back ends. It not only includes the back-end implementation, but also handles the process of making WeChat users and system users integrated, automatic login and so on. It is a good reference. I hope I can help you.

Installation Notes

First configure the database

  1. Create a database and import api/docs/lianmilite.sql
  2. Open api/config/database.php and fill in the database related information.

Launch API

The API requires rewrite.

When testing locally:

  1. cd api
  2. Create config/hide.php with the content
$GLOBALS['lpconfig']['wechat_miniapp_id'] = 'small appid';
$GLOBALS['lpconfig']['wechat_miniapp_secret'] = 'small appsecret';
  1. Start the test server php -S localhost:8000 route.php Note that you should bring the route.php parameter, otherwise rewrite is not supported.

Online deployment

Modify api/sample.htaccess to .htaccess for Apache configuration.

mini program

start up

Open the mini directory with the WeChat Developer tool and modify appid.

Modify API interface address

To modify the API address, open mini/app.js to modify the last line.

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