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Zentao is an agile(scrum) project management system/tool, Free Upgrade Forever!​


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ZenTao is the first opensource project management software in China. It’s a comprehensive, all-in-one platform that covers the main PM process, from product and project management to quality management, documentation management, organization management, and office management.

Since its establishment in 2009, ZenTao has helped tens of thousands of teams and organizations improve their project management structures. Currently, ZenTao is being used by some of the largest companies in the world, ranging from those in the sectors of finance and telecoms to manufacturing and software development. They trust ZenTao for streamlining their processes, simplifying communication between clients and employees, increasing transparency, and improving productivity and efficiency.

Design Philosophy

The name ZenTao came from combining two Chinese characters, Zen(禅) and Tao(道), which have rich inspirations pertaining to culture and history. With its name referring to highly respected aspects of life, it’s only logical to convey their meaning in management by providing transparency, orderliness, and accessibility.

ZenTao management concept is built on the 3 popular management methodologies: Scrum, Waterfall, and Kanban:

  • The Scrum model built-in ZenTao is adaptable and flexible, which perfectly matches the rapid iterations of software development projects.
  • The Waterfall model built-in ZenTao lays emphasis on stages division and strict process control, which is ideal for projects that are well defined in advance and with fewer changes.
  • The Kanban model built-in ZenTao pays more attention to value flow and visualization, which is suitable for the team with a transparent process and efficient transmission of information.

ZenTao clearly defines the concepts of product, project, and QA to help the product owners, developers, and testers coordinate with each other while maintaining separate functionalities. Through stories, tasks, and bugs, the whole teams interact and track issues and improvements to ensure the delivery of quality products.

Besides, with ZenTao's feature-rich modules including data visualization, measurement, DevOps, Doc asset management, and automated testing, ZenTao offers flexible solutions to cover the entire process of software development, allows organizations to work efficiently and productivity, and helps them better control time, cost, and quality.

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Security Vulnerabilities

If you find any vulnerability in ZenTao system please feel free to contact us at We do appreciate your time and effort.


ZenTao is an opensource project management software licensed on AGPL and ZPL.

Enhanced version

ZenTao Biz, ZenTao Max, and ZenTao Cloud are available for you if ZenTao Opensource can not meet your feature requirement.

Learn more about the comparison between ZenTao Opensource, ZenTao Biz, and ZenTao Max.

ZenTao Biz

ZenTao Biz has more powerful functions based on the ZenTao Open Source. It also expands horizontally based on the project management process and covers more roles.

On the one hand, ZenTao Biz provides more complete services for enterprises and its enhanced functions are more suitable for the internal process management of the companies.

On the other hand, ZenTao Biz has more added functions such as operation and maintenance management, OA office management, feedback management, as well as document version management, and online preview. It can support the customer's related work more effectively outside the development process, and provide more comprehensive support for the project management process.

ZenTao Max

ZenTao Max, the most advanced ZenTao version, allows users to easily monitor and track the entire process of project management. It also helps improve the robustness and maturity of enterprises to greatly increase the probability of project success.

The features such as process control, process definition, project measurement, issue management, risk management, quality assurance, and project reporting are strong enhanced in ZenTao Max. It's also supported the implementation of CMMI standards, help enterprises pass CMMI assessment.

ZenTao Cloud

Learn more about ZenTao Cloud.

ZenTao Cloud provides a flexible solution for users who prefer the SaaS service and running businesses anywhere and anytime. It's easy to use and super convenient in that it only needs one click to activate an account. Besides, ZenTao Cloud requires no maintenance and will keep updating automatically. With HTTPS agreement, your data will keep safe and no worry about information disclosure. Even better, data on ZenTao Cloud will backup automatically and users can download the backup file at any time.