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Coffee Editor IDE

An example of how to build the Theia-based tools including graphical editos, form-based editors, tree-based editors, textual DSLs, model analyisis, debugging and more. The coffee editor is part of the project. Please visit the home page for an overview of all features and an online live demonstration!

Project Structure

The coffee-editor consists of a frontend and a backend.

The frontend is located in the web/ folder and frontend specific documentation can be found in the frontend README The backend is located in the backend/ folder and backend specific documentation can be found in the backend README

Used Projects

We are relying on a bunch of projects:

If you encounter issues please report them in the corresponding project. This project should not contain much code and should mostly consist of 'glue' code to combine the different components.



You need Java 11 to build the Coffee Editor.

Install nvm.

curl -o- | bash

Install npm and node.

nvm install 10
nvm use 10

Install yarn.

npm install -g yarn

Install maven

Please check the installation documentation for maven.

On Ubuntu you can use: sudo apt-get install maven

Install linux packages (if necessary).

sudo apt-get install g++-4.8 libsecret-1-dev xvfb libx11-dev libxkbfile-dev libxml2-utils

Install python (needed from theia dependencies):

Please check the installation description here.

On Windows the most reliable way seems to be to install Python and set npm config set python "C:\Path\To\python.exe".

Getting started

Clone and build the coffee-editor:

git clone
cd coffee-editor

Run the built coffee-editor:

./ -r

Open http://localhost:3000 in the browser.

In Theia open the example workspace backend/examples/SuperBrewer3000 and double click a .coffee file. This opens it in a tree master detail editor.

The build and run script

The script provides funtionality to build the coffee-editor, download used libraries, and run the IDE. Every part step can be executed independently from each other by using the corresponding paramater:

-b: Builds the backend services

-c: Integrates the built backend artifacts in the coffee-editor IDE

-f: Builds the frontend shown in the web browser

-r: Runs the coffee-editor and exposes it at http://localhost:3000

Publishing the coffee-editor-extension

Create a npm user and login to the npm registry, more on npm publishing.

npm login

Publish packages with lerna to update versions properly across local packages, more on publishing with lerna.

npx lerna publish

Debug the application

Debug Backend

  • Install Eclipse
  • Import projects from backend
  • Set target

Code Generation

You cannot debug the code generation. In order to debug it, you need to execute the with the correct parameters.

Workflow Analyzer

In order to debug, start the product in debug mode. The root application is : com.eclipsesource.workflow.analyzer.application.Application.

Please make sure to set the --WF_ANALYZER=5083 parameter to the browser app. In the backend you need to pass -port and -host with parameters as application arguments.

You can also simply use the predefined WorkflowAnalyzerServer.launch run config.

Workflow DSL

In order to debug, start the product in debug mode. Please make sure to add --WF_LSP=5017 parameter to the browser app. In the backend you need to pass -startSocket as an application argument.

You can also use the predefined RunSocketServer-Headless.launch run config.

Coffee Model Server

Use the class to start the Model Server.

Coffee GLSP Server

Use the com.eclipsesource.glsp.example.modelserver.workflow.WorkflowModelServerGLSPServerLauncher class to start the GLSP Server.

Debug Frontend

  • Install VSCode
  • Import projects from web

Debug Theia Backend

Use the Debug Browser Backend launch config inside VSCode.

Debug Theia Frontend

Use the Launch Browser Frontend launch config inside VSCode. This will open Chrome and attach a debug listener.

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