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Examples are now sorted alphabetically by their label.
Improved labels of various examples to better reflect what they contain.

Removed examples:
- day 1 to day 6: Contain various elements covered in other examples.
- 1169: Covers specific tester bug, reusable tester is covered by core unit tests.
- 1220: Old issue from 2.2
- 1253: Old issue from 2.2, multiple other oneOf examples
- 1254: Integrated in enum.ts
- 1645: Performance / debouncing can be tested with the huge example
- 1996: oneOf part is covered by oneOfArray.ts, anyOf part was integrated in anyOf.ts
- booleanToggle: Covered in control-options.ts

Renamed examples:
- 1779.ts -> list-with-detail-primitives.ts
- stepper.ts -> categorization-stepper.ts
- steppershownav.ts -> categorization-stepper-nav-buttons.ts
- dynamic.ts -> generate-dynamic.ts

Part of #1706

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JSON Forms - More Forms. Less Code

Complex forms in the blink of an eye


Please see the official JSON Forms website,, for documentation, examples and API references.

Getting started

  1. Clone the seed app with git clone
  2. Install dependencies with npm ci
  3. Run the app with npm run start

For more info about the seed app, please see the corresponding README file of the seed repo. For a more detailed tutorial about the usage of JSON Forms, please see this tutorial.

Upgrading to JSON Forms 3.0

With version 3.0 of JSON Forms we removed json-schema-ref-parser from the core package. This change only affects users of the React variant (Vue and Angular are not affected) and even for React only a few users will need to adjust their code. To avoid issues and for more information, please have a look at our migration guide.

Feedback, Help and Support

If you encounter any problems feel free to open an issue on the repo. For questions and discussions please use the JSON Forms board. You can also reach us via email. In addition, EclipseSource also offers professional support for JSON Forms.

Developers Documentation

First time setup

  • Install node.js (only Node 14 and npm 6 is currently supported)
  • Clone this repository
  • Install dependencies: npm ci
  • Hook up dependencies between packages: npm run init

VS Code dev container

As an alternative to the first time setup, you can use the provided VS Code dev container configured in devcontainer.json.

  • Execute command: Remote Containers: Reopen in container
  • Wait until the container is built and loaded
  • First time setup and an initial build of all packages has been executed in the container

Build & Testing

  • Build (all packages): npm run build
  • Test (all packages): npm run test
  • Clean (delete dist folder of all packages): npm run clean
  • Run React Vanilla examples: cd packages/vanilla && npm run dev
  • Run React Material examples: cd packages/material && npm run dev
  • Run Angular Material examples: cd packages/angular-material && npm run dev
  • Run Vue Vanilla dev setup: cd packages/vue/vue-vanilla && npm run serve

Dependency & Release management

For more info about how we handle dependencies and releases in the JSON Forms project, please see our Developer Documentation wiki page.

Continuous Integration

The JSON Forms project is built and tested via Github actions on Linux, Mac and Windows. Coverage is documented by Coveralls.

Current status: Build status Coverage Status


The JSON Forms project is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more information.


See our migration guide when updating JSON Forms.