React/Redux-based forms for JSON data
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JSONForms - More Forms. Less Code

Complex Forms in the blink of an eye

Getting started

  1. Clone the seed app with git clone
  2. Install dependencies with npm ci (or npm install when using an older version)
  3. Run the app with npm run start

For more info about the seed app, please see the corresponding README file of the seed repo. For a more detailed tutorial about the usage of JSON Forms, please see this tutorial.

Developers Documentation

First time setup

  • Install node.js (version >= 6.x.x)
  • Update npm (version >= 5.8.0)
  • Clone this repository
  • Install dependencies: npm ci
  • Hook up dependencies between packages: npx lerna bootstrap --hoist --npm-ci-mode

Build & Testing

  • Build (all packages): lerna run build
  • Test (all packages): lerna run test
  • Clean (delete dist folder of all packages): lerna run clean
  • Run vanilla examples: cd packages/vanilla && npm run dev
  • Run material examples: cd packages/material && npm run dev

Dependency & Release management

For more info about how we handle dependencies and releases in the JSON Forms project, please see our Developer Documentation wiki page.

Continuous Integration

The JSONForms project is build and tested via Travis. Coverage is documented by Coveralls.

Current status: Build Status Coverage Status


The JSONForms project is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more information.


If you are already using JSONForms 1, check our migration guide.