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2022 06 23 Eclipse iceoryx developer meetup

Simon Hoinkis edited this page Jun 23, 2022 · 4 revisions
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Eclipse iceoryx developer meetup

Date: 2022/06/23

Time: 17:00 CET



  • Simon Hoinkis, Apex.AI GmbH
  • "Bob" Kraus, Apex.AI GmbH
  • Dietrich Krönke, Apex.AI GmbH


  1. General: Introduction of new participants, 10 mins
  2. General: Are there other agenda points?, 2 mins
  3. iceoryx-rs release, 10 mins
  4. Split up iceoryx bindings into several repositories, 10 mins


  1. Work on iceoryx-rs is continuing, minor things and refactorings, API docs is still missing, release v0.1 is planned for end of this month

  2. iceoryx-automotive-soa and iceoryx-dds-gateway have already been created. Plan is to move iceoryx_dds and iceoryx_binding_c to separate repositories. ROS 2 and Cyclone DDS usage needs to be considered.