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MicroProfile 1.4

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@jclingan jclingan released this 29 Jun 20:06
· 1 commit to 1.x-branch since this release

MicroProfile 1.4 is the final planned release of the 1.x release train based on Java EE 7 APIs. Future releases will based on MicroProfile 2.0 and the core Java EE 8 APIs. This release consists of MicroProfile 1.3 plus the following updates:

  • Config 1.3
  • Fault Tolerance 1.1
  • JWT 1.1
  • OpenTracing 1.1
  • Rest Client 1.1

To get started with MicroProfile 1.4, add the following dependency to your pom.xml:


NOTE: Due to a recent code re-organization, the previous releases of MicroProfile (1.3 and before) are located in the microprofile-bom repository.