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Describing a device with Vorto in 5 minutes

This tutorial explains how to describe a device with Vorto in just a few minutes. The device we are going to create will have the following capabilities:

  • Measuring the Outdoor temperature
  • Measuring the Indoor temperature
  • Reading the Geo Location of these measurements.

Let's get started.


  • BoschID Account or GitHub
  • You are a collaborator/owner of an existing namespace

Steps to follow

  1. Log in to Vorto Repository with your BoschID or Github Account

  2. Select Create model

  3. Choose Information Model and confirm with Next

  4. Specify the model ID and confirm with Next

    1. Select the namespace from the dropdown
    2. Input the name, e.g. MyWeatherStation
    3. Input the version, e.g. 1.0.0
  5. Choose Vorto abstraction, that provide you with a list of abstracted capabilities.

  6. Select Temperature from the drop-down list, specify the property name indoorTemperature and confirm with Add

  7. Select Temperature from the drop-down list, specify the property name outdoorTemperature and confirm with Add

  8. Select Location from the drop-down list, specify the property name location and confirm with Add

  9. Verify your selected properties and click Create. This creates the model and opens its details page:

Your model should look like this:

vortolang 1.0

namespace org.mycompany
version 1.0.0
displayname "MyWeatherStation"
description "InformationModel for MyWeatherStation"
using org.eclipse.vorto.Temperature;1.0.0
using org.eclipse.vorto.Location;1.0.0

infomodel MyWeatherStation {
    functionblocks {
        mandatory indoorTemperature as Temperature
	mandatory outdoorTemperature as Temperature
        mandatory location as Location

Congrats! You have just created an Information Model for a device. Check out the What's next section below that explains how you can further use the model to integrate the device with the Bosch IoT Suite.

What's next?

In case you're having difficulties or facing any issues, feel free to create a new question on StackOverflow and we'll answer it as soon as possible!
Please make sure to use eclipseiot as one of the tags.

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