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Uses Amazon S3 for storing attachments

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S3 plugin for Redmine


This Redmine plugin makes file attachments be stored on “Amazon S3” rather than on the local filesystem.


  1. Make sure Redmine is installed and cd into it's root directory

  2. ruby script/plugin install git://

  3. cp vendor/plugins/redmine_s3/config/s3.yml.example config/s3.yml

  4. Edit config/s3.yml with your favourite editor

  5. Restart mongrel/upload to production/whatever


  • The bucket specified in s3.yml will be created automatically when the plugin is loaded (this is generally when the server starts).

  • If you have created a CNAME entry for your bucket set the cname_bucket option to true in s3.yml and your files will be served from that domain.

  • After files are uploaded they are made public. This seems acceptable as it is also Redmine's policy for file storage.

Reporting Bugs and Getting Help

Bugs and feature requests may be filed at

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