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r-ci: Continuous Integration for R at Travis, GitHub, Azure, ...

This is the successor / continuation of the r-travis repository, which is itself a maintained fork of the (now deprecated) original r-travis repository by Craig Citro et al. I was an early contributor to this project, and quite like its design and features -- so I have been keeping it around, maintained and extended it. It is my 'go-to' CI setup for a few dozen repositories affecting a fairly decent number of users.


See the r-ci webpage for a brief overview of usage with GitHub Actions, Travis, Azure DevOps and Docker. See this r^4 blog post for a short video and background slides.

Basic Usage

A minimal example of use with Travis follows:

language: c
sudo: required
dist: focal

  - curl -OLs && chmod 0755
  - ./ bootstrap

  - ./ install_deps

  - ./ run_tests

This downloads the script, uses it to bootstrap the test environment, then installs dependencies via install_deps and finally runs tests. For a realistic but real example see e.g. this .travis.yml file of package digest. For another example, see package tidyCpp which shows how to use the script with Travis CI as well as with GitHub Actions, or package dang (featured in the video mentioned above) Numerous variations are possible: running 'test matrices' across macOS and Linux, using BSPM for binaries (both of those are used by digest, running with several g++ versions (as used by RcppSimdjson, ...).

We also use the same approach of downloading and invoking it for the different steps in with GitHub Actions (e.g. for tidyCpp). Similarly, Azure Pipelines can be used (as was done by a test repo on Azure).

There are also other options of use with PPAs and more---for fullest details see the source of the shell script

As of September 2022, we rely on r2u to supply a full set of binaries for CRAN for use on Ubuntu LTS. You can use it via install_deps() or install_all() without having to supply the r-cran-* packages explicitly.


Dirk Eddelbuettel (for this maintained fork)

Craig Citro, Kirill Mueller, Dirk Eddelbuettel, ... (for the original r-travis)


CI for R at Travis, GitHub Actions, Azure Pipelines, ...






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