RMarkdown with Metropolis/Mtheme for Beamer
TeX Makefile



Example for a Metropolis-themed RMarkdown-driven LaTeX Beamer presentation.


For the last two or so years, I have been using mtheme (and/or a local variant I called 'm2') as well as the newer (renamed to metropolis) release metropolis for all my RMarkdown-based presentations as you can see from my presentations page.

And earlier last year I cleaned this up and wrote myself local Ubuntu packages which are here on Launchpad. I also have two GitHub repos for the underlying .deb package code:

  • the pkg-latex-metropolis package for the LaTeX part (which is also in TeXlive in an older version)
  • the pkg-fonts-fira for the underlying (free) font (and this sadly cannot build on launchpad as it needs a download step).


An animated gif containing all pages of the very simple example included here follows:

As an aside, creating the gif is trivial, I used

convert -delay 250 -geometry 480x360 beamerPresentation.pdf beamerPresentation.gif

where convert is a component of imagemagick; you can probably rely on graphicsmagick too.


This is a somewhat static example which may not get updated over time.


Dirk Eddelbuettel


The aggregation is provided under the GPL (version 2 or later).