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mwouts commented Jun 6, 2019

The purpose of this issue is to document a few ways to build a documentation site. Our requirements are:

  • The source documents can be edited as Jupyter notebooks
  • Source files are text files (Markdown or others)
  • Documentation site can show the result of the code being executed, including plots.

We should explore at least

  • Jupyter Book (can we use it with Jupytext notebooks?)
  • Sphinx
davidski commented Jan 12, 2017

Surprisingly, pandoc's line endings vary based upon the OS it's running under (jgm/pandoc#2097). This causes me some grief as I try to keep my docs using UNIX. This could be addressed by wrapping the existing github_document template with a post_processor that calls dos2unix (or some more universal solution for Windows OS).

Would you like a PR to add such a templ

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