Plugin to fill a shape with a map generated from a location (Powered by Google Maps)
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Map Generator Sketch Plugin

A plugin to fill a layer with a map generated from a location (Powered by Google Maps).

With this plugin you can design quickly a map view for a mobile application or a web site. You only need to write some location and the plugin will do the rest!


Plugin Demo


With Sketch Toolbox

  1. Look for "Sketch Map Generator" in Sketch Toolbox
  2. Click on "Install"


  1. Download the Zip and unzip the package
  2. Double click on Map Generator.sketchplugin for auto installation


  1. Create one shape and select it
  2. Run the plugin from the plugins menu (Plugins > Map Generator > Generate a Map) or you can use the shortcut shift + cmd + m
  3. Write some place or location and choose a zoom level
  4. Press the OK button and that's it! Your shape will become filled with the location map


  • The quality of the maps has been improved (2x)
  • Added switch focus between text fields to keep your hands on keyboard


The plugin is compatible with Sketch 4.


You can write me questions about the plugin on Twitter: @_edev