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Minimalistic native client that sends Leap Motion data as OSC 1.1.


Built with node-webkit and uses the omgosc and leapjs modules.

OSC Packet Format

All OSC packets sent will have an address that starts with /leap. For example /leap/num_hands or /leap/0/1/tip_pos

The value after the address (ex. fff) denotes the data type that is emitted from this address. For example fff mean that three floats will be emitted or i means only one integer is emitted.


  • /leap/num_hands - i - number of hands in this frame
  • /leap/num_finger - i - number of fingers in this frame


The index of the hand will be the first number after /leap. For example, /leap/0 refers to the hand at index 0 and /leap/1 refers to the hand at index 1.

  • /leap/[HAND_INDEX]/num_fingers - i - number of fingers this hand contains
  • /leap/[HAND_INDEX]/palm_pos - fff - position of the palm
  • /leap/[HAND_INDEX]/palm_normal - fff - normal direction of the palm
  • /leap/[HAND_INDEX]/palm_vel - fff - velocity of the palm
  • /leap/[HAND_INDEX]/sphere_center - fff - center position of the of the sphere that the palm holds
  • /leap/[HAND_INDEX]/sphere_radius - f - radius of the sphere that the palm holds


The finger of the hand will be the second number after /leap. For example, /leap/1/2 refers to the hand at index 1 and finger at index 2.

  • /leap/[HAND_INDEX]/[FINGER_INDEX]/tip_pos - fff - position of the finger tip
  • /leap/[HAND_INDEX]/[FINGER_INDEX]/tip_vel - fff - velocity of the finger tip
  • /leap/[HAND_INDEX]/[FINGER_INDEX]/dir - fff - direction that the finger tip is pointing
  • /leap/[HAND_INDEX]/[FINGER_INDEX]/touch_dist - f - 2D touch distance



In the settings drop-down menu, you can change the values for:

  • Refresh Delay - Controls to how long leap-osc should wait until sending another frame of data. For example, a delay of 50 would cause leap-osc to wait 50 milliseconds until it sends another package of data.
  • Scale - Controls how much to scale the postion and velocities of the hand/finger data. For example, a scale of 0.5 will cause all positions to be scaled down by one-half.

How to Run

You can download the prebuilt-binary here.

Or you can manually build it yourself using node-webkit. Please refer to this guide on how to run apps from source code. A hint if you go this direction is to use the leap-osc src folder when running it from the nw binary.