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Testings for EditorConfig Core
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This project is a series of testing for EditorConfig Core. Please have cmake installed before using this project.

Use editorconfig-core-test independently

After installing cmake, switch to the root dir of this project, and execute:

cmake -DEDITORCONFIG_CMD=the_editorconfig_core_cmd_you_want_to_test .

After that, if testing files are generated successfully, execute ctest . to start testings.

Use editorconfig-core-test in your project as a git submodule

If you are using git and cmake to manage your project, this method should be suitable for you.

Suppose that you will add editorconfig-core-test repo as a submodule in your root directory. First add editorconfig-core-test as a gitsubmodule in your repo by execute:

git submodule add git:// tests

Then add the following lines to your project root CMakeLists.txt:

set(EDITORCONFIG_CMD the_editorconfig_core_path)

Now after executing cmake . in you project root dir, you should be able to run the testings by executing ctest ..

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