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A repo for AMP related hackery, since it sometimes needs it.
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AMP Hacks

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is good for a number of things, such as news sites and other content heavy sites from major parties. I tried implementing an AMP site for my personal / web development blog and, while it works and I'm generally happy, had need of some hackery to make it work. This repo provides that hackery in a dedicated location.

Note: I don't recommend a personal blog implementing AMP. Mine was a trial and I learned a lot about AMP and that it's not what I need.


None. There's no build process, dev tooling, or otherwise. Static HTML drives


Point to the live URL of the respective page and embed away with amp-iframe.

What's Included

Check the source of the files. If you're here and interested, it should read pretty cleanly.

1. disqus_embed.html

This follows the example given from disqus.

2. gist_embed.html

Similarly for GitHub gist embeds, including availability of single file selection. This was superseded in my implementation in my blog, so it's included more for historical reference.


AMP does a few things well, and a few things less-so. This brings my hackery involving amp-iframe embeds into a single, dedicated location.



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