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A simple amazon tracker that sends you an email when prices of your followed products fall down!
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amazon_tracker is a simple web scraper that scrapes every x minutes the price of n items and sends an e-mail if the price falls down over p(price selected by you)


It was develop with bs4, requests, time and smtplib libraries. Opening it, you can see some variables:

  • headers = It's your browser setting. You have to insert YOUR browser header. You can find it typing 'my user agent' on internet.
  • URLS = It's a list that contains the urls of your tracked items.
  • dream_price = It's a list that contains the dream price of i-th element in URLS.
  • from_email = It's the e-mail that sends the notification.
  • to_email = It's the e-mail that receive the notification.
  • from_password = It's the password needed for the from_email.
  • minutes = How many minutes between a check and the next. IT WORKS ONLY WITH GMAIL ACCOUNTS


GIT command on prompt: git -clone

Download by Browser on:


  1. Download all the repo

  2. Type on your browser 'my user agent' and paste the result in the header variable content.

  3. Change all the variables you need (from_email, from_password, to_email, URLS, dream_price and minutes .

  4. If you haven't did already, go to and allow it(It's mandatory).

  5. Execute the file ⚡️⚡️⚡️

If you liked it drop a ⭐️ for contact me.

  Edoardo Ottavianelli ©
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