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eduardoejp committed Jun 4, 2011
1 parent 3637b89 commit 5d635f089a6d0f55f01a2b33ec2aa9b1db4cb7b9
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  1. +13 −18 src/clj_blueprints.clj
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@
[elem] (for [k (pkeys elem)] (pget k)))
(defn as-map "Transforms an element to a Clojure hash-map."
- [elem] (apply hash-map (flatten (for [k (pkeys elem)] [k (pget elem k)]))))
+ [elem] (apply hash-map (reduce concat (for [k (pkeys elem)] [k (pget elem k)]))))
; Transactions
(def +tx-success+ TransactionalGraph$Conclusion/SUCCESS)
@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@
(.setTransactionMode *db* mode)))
(defactive *transaction-mode*
- "The transaction mode. Can be either :automatic or :manual."
+ "[ActiveVar] The transaction mode. Can be either :automatic or :manual."
(get {TransactionalGraph$Mode/AUTOMATIC :automatic, TransactionalGraph$Mode/MANUAL :manual}
(.getTransactionMode *db*)))
@@ -84,9 +84,11 @@
(defn clear! "Clears *db* of all nodes and edges." [] (.clear *db*))
-(defactive *vertices* "All the vertices." (.getVertices *db*))
+(defactive *vertices* "[ActiveVar] All the vertices."
+ (.getVertices *db*))
-(defactive *edges* "All the edges." (.getEdges *db*))
+(defactive *edges* "[ActiveVar] All the edges."
+ (.getEdges *db*))
(defn load-vertex "" [id] (.getVertex *db* id))
@@ -143,20 +145,17 @@
(defn unlink! "Removes the edge between two vertices." [v1 v2] (remove! (get-link v1 v2)))
; Indexes
-(defn automatic-index! "" [kname class keys]
+(defn create-automatic-index! ""
+ [kname class keys]
(.createAutomaticIndex *db* (name kname) class (->> keys seq (map name) (apply hash-set))))
-(defn manual-index! "" [kname class] (.createManualIndex *db* (name kname) class))
-(defn create-index! "" [kname class type]
- (case type
- :automatic (.createAutomaticIndex *db* (name kname) class type)
- :manual
- ))
+(defn create-manual-index! ""
+ [kname class]
+ (.createManualIndex *db* (name kname) class))
(defn get-index "" [kname class] (let [class (case class :vertices Index/VERTICES, :edges Index/EDGES)] (.getIndex *db* (name kname) class)))
-(defactive *indices* "" (.getIndices *db*))
+(defactive *indices* "[ActiveVar] The indices of the graph." (.getIndices *db*))
(defn drop-index! "" [kname] (.dropIndex *db* (name kname)))
@@ -174,16 +173,12 @@
(defn iremove "Removes an element from an index." [index key val element] (.remove index key val element))
-(defn search-graph
- "Searches the Graph for an element of the given type #{:vertices :edges} with the given key-val combination."
- [type key val] (-> (get-index type (case type :vertices Vertex, :edges Edge)) (iget (name key) val)))
; Read-Only
(defn as-read-only
"When called with no arguments, this fn sets *db* to be a read-only version of itself.
When called with one argument (Graph, Vertex, Edge or Index), it returns a read only version of it."
([] (set-db! (ReadOnlyGraph. *db*)))
- ([item] (case (class item)
+ ([item] (condp = (class item)
Graph (ReadOnlyGraph. item)
Vertex (ReadOnlyVertex. item)
Edge (ReadOnlyEdge. item)

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