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clj-orient is a binding for the OrientDB document-graph NoSQL database management system. It is based on the OrientDB Java API.


Simply add this to your leiningen deps: [clj-orient "0.5.0"]


The documentation can be found here: You can also check out the wiki at:


Currently the library is divided into 6 namespaces: core: The core functionality and the document-db functionality. graph: The graph-db functionality. object: The object-db functionality. query: Functionality for querying your database (either with native or SQL queries). schema: For easy definition of database schemas. script: For doing server-side scripting. script.clojure: For easy server-side scripting with Clojure.


There is a test suite in the test directory that right now tests almost all of the library functionality. It can be run using lein test.


Working with the database:

(use 'clj-orient.core)
; Opening the database as a document DB and setting the *db* var for global use.
; A database pool is used, to avoid the overhead of creating a DB object each time.
(set-db! (open-document-db! "remote:localhost/my-db" "writer" "writer"))

; Dynamically bind *db* to another DB.
; The DB is closed after all the forms are evaluated.
(with-db (open-document-db! "remote:localhost/another-db" "writer" "writer")
  (form-1 ...)
  (form-2 ...)
  (form-3 ...)
  (form-n ...))

; Close the DB

; Using transactions (*db* must be bound to some database in the surrounding scope).
  (form-1 ...)
  (form-2 ...)
  (form-3 ...)
  (form-n ...))

Working with documents:

(use 'clj-orient.core)
(let [u (document :user {:first-name "Foo", :last-name "Bar", :age 10})
      u (assoc u :first-name "Mr. Foo", :age 20)]
  (save! u))

Working with classes:

(use '(clj-orient core graph))

(with-db (open-graph-db! "remote:localhost/my-graph-db" "writer" "writer")
  (create-class! :user)
  (derive! :user (vertex-base-class))
  (create-class! :knows (edge-base-class)))

Working with the graph-db:

(use 'clj-orient.graph)

(set-db! (open-graph-db! "remote:localhost/my-graph-db" "writer" "writer"))
(let [a (save! (vertex :user {:first-name "John", :last-name "Doe", :age 20, :country "USA"}))
      b (save! (vertex :user {:first-name "Jane", :last-name "Doe", :age 25, :country "USA"}))]
  (save! (link! a :knows {:since (java.util.Date.)} b)))

Querying a Database:

(use 'clj-orient.query)
(native-query :user {:country "USA", :age [:$>= 20], :first-name [:$like "J%"]})

(sql-query "SELECT FROM user WHERE country = :country AND age >= :age AND first-name LIKE :fname LIMIT 10"
           {:country "USA", :age 20, :fname "J%"})

; Pagination can be activated by passing a third optional boolean value of true.
; That will query the next X elements each time the seq runs out until there are no more results.
(sql-query "SELECT FROM user LIMIT 10" nil true)

(clj-query '{:from user :where [(= country ?country) (>= age ?age) (like? first-name ?fname)] :limit 10}
           {:country "USA", :age 20, :fname "J%"})


(use 'clj-orient.core)
(defhook my-hook
      (after-create [document]
        (println "Created new document:" document)))

(add-hook! my-hook)

Please note: This is not a comprehensive guide. Please read the library documentation to know what functions and macros are available.


Wrapper for the OrientDB Native APIs. It supports version 1.1 of the APIs.



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