Combination code editor (ACE) and Preview for quick feedback prototyping
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ICE Code Editor

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The Code Editor + Visualization Preview used in the book “3D Game Programming for Kids.” Written in Dart.

ICE Code Editor Screenshot

The old JavaScript version proved unmaintainable, hence the switch to Dart. This version leverages many of the benefits of Dart: cross-browser support, testing, documentation.

Running the Example App

You'll need Dart installed. To run the examples:

  1. Install dependencies with pub install
  2. Start the pub web server with pub serve
  3. Open the full-screen version of ICE at http://localhost:8080/full.html with Dartium

Examples are contained in the web directory.


  • Update button
  • Hide Code button
  • Main Menu button
    • Open
    • New
    • Make a Copy
    • Save
    • Rename
    • Share
    • Download
    • Remove
    • Help


Because ICE relies on js-interop, not just dart:js, the build process requires that it is always built for development release (even in production):

$ pub build --mode=development

Core Collaborators

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Want to Help?


Chris (twitter / blog) runs nightly (1030pm EDT / 0230 UTC) pairing sessions. Sign up for free to help out and learn some Dart! Absolutely no experience required. Really :)