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inebriated, Rust edition (βeta)

everybody's favourite drunkard!



The inebriated project line is a series of implementations of the same thing: a drunk AI that takes input sentences and uses them to form stuff that sort-of makes sense and is sometimes funny. By implementing this concept in different languages, I learn the nuances of each, and explore how ergonomic the language is for performing certain tasks.

I wanna play with it!

The Rust edition comes with batteries included: a sample test database full of BOFH excuses and proverbs so you can see a bit of what it can do immediately.

Getting started is as simple as with any Cargo-powered project:

cargo build --release
cargo run -- help

If you want to play with the example database and generate a few sentences, try:

cargo run -- -d example_proverbs_and_excuses.mkdb generate

and hit Enter a few times to generate some sentences.

port status

I haven't spent that much time on this yet, but I freakin' love this language. Thanks to Rust's safety guarantees, the memory problems that plagued the C edition are no more! I love the "be explicit" philosophy of the language - for example, there are no "copy constructors" or "move constructors" - it's clear when something is going to be copied or moved, and why simply by how the code is written.

Things that work

  • Sentence input, tokenisation & storage
  • Weighting of keys, plus awesome weighted RNG implementation courtesy of the rand crate
  • Sentence generation (I love the while let statement so much)
  • Saving & loading standard inebriated database files (.mkdb format)

Things to be done

  • Most of the gripes outlined in the "Things to be done" of the C++ edition

Links to the other inebriateds:


inebriated rust edition (alpha)






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