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spaCy speaks Greek

Welcome to the Wiki of the Google Summer of Code 2018 project Addition of Greek language to

This project is developed under the auspices of GFOSS - Open Technologies Alliance.

Here you will find extensive and explanatory documentation for everything related to the addition of Greek language to spaCy platform and the Google Summer of Code 2018 Project as a whole, as well as links to project results and instructions on how to use them.

Before reading the docs, it is highly suggested to have a look at the following links in order to understand what the whole project is about and its' current status:

  1. Project README file.
  2. Project evaluation page.

Project results demonstration:

Project visualizations:

Wiki pages list

This Wiki currently contains the following pages with extensive documentation on each of the topics:

  1. Home
  2. Repository
  3. Greek language models
  4. Contribute
  5. Part of Speech Tagger
  6. Lemmatizer
  7. Lexical Attributes
  8. NER
  9. Norm exceptions
  10. Stop words
  11. Prodigy
  12. DEP
  13. Pull Requests

Wiki external links

For this project, there is a daily basis timeline that keeps track of all the progress done for Google Summer of Code 2018. You can view the timeline here.

There is also a report page for the final evaluation for Google Summer of Code 2018. You can view the report page here.

Important note: Don't miss the chance to learn about the NLPBuddy, a side result of the Google Summer of Code 2018 Project. Read the relevant Wiki page. Repo: here. Project wiki: here.


Behind every project, there are people struggling to make it work :)

The contributors in this project are the following:

Google Summer of Code Student: Ioannis Daras

Mentor: Markos Gogoulos

Mentor: Panos Louridas

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