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libefgy-8: README

libefgy is a header-only C++ template library with lots of templates dealing with maths in all its glory. And a few random other things not directly related to maths that still come in handy.


The library is distributed free of charge under a very permissive licence. The public GIT repository is at - see the documentation at for more details.


This is a header-only C++ template library. As such, installation is rather simple: just copy the header files (the include/ directory) to your compiler's default include path (typically /usr/include).

If you don't want to copy the files yourself, then run the following command:

$ sudo make PREFIX=/usr install

Adjust PREFIX as appropriate; substitute sudo when necessary.


libefgy uses Doxygen - - to document the code right in the headers themselves. If you're stuck, just open up the header file and read the documentation there. You can also extract an HTML version of the documentation from a local source tree by running:

$ make documentation

This will create or update the documentation in the directory documentation/html, so that you can then just open the file documentation/html/index.xhtml in a browser.

The HTML documentation for the current development version is also available online at:


libefgy is distributed under an MIT/X style licence. For all practical intents and purposes that means that you can do pretty much whatever you want with the code, except claim that you wrote it yourself, as long as you point out somewhere in your documentation that you used libefgy.

See the file COPYING in the repository for the exact licence terms.

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