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For some reason I was unable to get code coverage to 100% could you please help and provide any other feedback? Thanks!

Here's the coverage report:

screen shot 2016-01-30 at 10 46 46 pm

It looks like I'm just missing coverage for the case where there is no padWith specified. Should I just make a test that covers that case?


Current coverage is 100.00%

Merging #9 into master will not affect coverage as of c1b8b3f

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@silvestertomato silvestertomato commented on the diff Feb 2, 2016
+export default padLeft
+ * Original Source: http://stackoverflow.com/a/34083277/971592
+ *
+ * This method will pad the left of the given string by
+ * the given size with the given character
+ *
+ * @param {String} str - The string to pad
+ * @param {Number} size - The total size to pad
+ * @param {String} padWith - The character to use for padding
+ * @return {String} - The padded string
+ */
+function padLeft(str, size, padWith) {
+ if (size <= str.length) {
+ return str
silvestertomato Feb 2, 2016 Collaborator

To cover this code, simply add a test that calls padLeft with a size that's smaller than the length of the string you give. For example: padLeft('12345', 3) should do the trick. ๐Ÿ‘


This looks great! Please add that test. Let me know if you need more help! Thanks!


I had a little trouble with the commit message, so I ran my commit with --no-verify. Could you help me get that right please? Thanks!


Sure thing! The CONTRIBUTING.md explains our convention a bit. And if you'd like you can add you changes with git add . and then run npm run commit and you'll be given an interactive prompt to use for creating your commit message.


It looks like there have been changes in the master branch since you made your changes and there's a merge conflict. Could you kindly rebase your branch with master and resolve any conflicts? Let me know if you need any help doing that!


Awesome job on the rebase! This is ready to be merged. One more thing though, could you please squash these commits into a single commit with a message that follows our commit message conventions?

@kentcdodds kentcdodds feat(padLeft): Add padLeft function
Closes #5

It's ready to go!


Fantastic work. This is perfect. I'll merge this pull request and the module will be automatically released using semantic-release (find out how here). Thanks @kentcdodds! ๐ŸŽŠ ๐ŸŽ‰ :shipit: ๐Ÿš€

@silvestertomato silvestertomato merged commit 65c9793 into eggheadio-github:master Feb 3, 2016

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