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Add a new plugin `egg-hashids` for egg.

Hashids is small JavaScript library to generate YouTube-like ids from numbers. Use it when you don't want to expose your database ids to the user.
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Awesome Egg.js

An awesome list that curates the best Egg.js plugins, tools, tutorials, articles and more. PRs are welcome!


Many thanks to everyone on the contributor list :)







  • egg-cnode The largest Chinese Node.js forum that rewritten in egg.js
  • egg-ant-design-pro Egg love Ant Design Pro
  • API Mocker - Api Mocker is more of an api management system than a mocker
  • egg-24time - A Twitter-like news and social server for Egg. 微信小程序社区全栈解决方案
  • egg-restapi-module-tool - a example of eggjs, react, antd, dva, webpack, mysql, restful api and other stuff made it work...
  • egg-mongodb-example - a example of eggjs, mongodb, restful api and other stuff made it work...
  • hamkd - 寒门知识社区官网源码
  • mtime - A MVC mTime websit build with egg
  • egg-RESTfulAPI - 基于Egg.js 2.0 & {mongoose,jwt,upload}等RESTful API 模板,用于快速集成开发RESTful前后端分离的服务端,接口处理良好适配Ant Desigin Pro
  • egg-commerce - 使用egg + sequelizejs 搭建的电商平台,集成支付宝面对面支付、手机唤醒客户端支付
  • Marmot - Marmot 平台是 Macaca 生态成员,能够管理自动化流程各环节。



  • beidou - Isomorphic framework for server-rendered React apps
  • aliyun-egg - node web framework for aliyun, base on eggjs
  • avet - A very comfortable framework for writing isomorphic applications
  • EggBorn.js - The Ultimate Javascript Full Stack Framework

APM Solution

  • Skywalking Node.js - Apache SkyWalking(incubator) provides an APM solution for Node.js server application