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eggsampler/acme is a Go client library implementation for RFC8555 (previously ACME v2). This library can be used with the Let's Encrypt Certificate Authority (CA), but also other ACME compliant CA's such as ZeroSSL.

The library is designed to provide a zero external dependency wrapper over exposed directory endpoints and provide objects in easy to use structures.


A Go version of at least 1.11 is required as this repository is designed to be imported as a Go module.


Simply import the module into a project,

import ""

Note the /v3 major version at the end. Due to the way modules function, this is the major version as represented in the go.mod file and latest git repo semver tag. All functions are still exported and called using the acme package name.


A simple certbot-like example is provided in the examples/certbot directory. This code demonstrates account registration, new order submission, fulfilling challenges, finalising an order and fetching the issued certificate chain.

An example of how to use the autocert package is also provided in examples/autocert.


The tests can be run against an instance of boulder or pebble.

Challenge fulfilment is designed to use the new challtestsrv server present inside boulder and pebble which responds to dns queries and challenges as required.

To run tests against an already running instance of boulder or pebble, use the test target in the Makefile.

Some convenience targets for launching pebble/boulder using their respective docker compose files have also been included in the Makefile.