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A demo project that illustrates how to setup and get TypeScript, RequireJs, and Jasmine playing nice together.
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A boilerplate project for getting TypeScript, RequireJS, and Jasmine playing nicely together in Visual Studio.

How to Use

To see it in action, simply fork or download the project and open it up in Visual Studio 2012 (with the TypeScript and Web Essentials plugins installed), and right click the specrunner.html and select View in Browser.

Project Structure

There are a few interesting things to note about the files in the project:

  • specrunner.html loads the Jasmine library and performs the basic configuration and tells RequireJS to load src/specrunner.
  • src/specrunner.ts configures RequireJS and loads the specs and then start Jasmine


If you have any improvments or suggestions, please submit a pull request on GitHub with your modifications.

Comments and suggestions can also be posted here in the Issues section or in the original blog post on my website.


03/06/2013: Removed init.ts file, load specs from specrunner.ts directly

Removed init.ts and rewrote specrunner.ts load specs directly. There was no need to do it through init.ts.

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