Easy configuration as code tool for GitLab using config in plain YAML
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Join the chat at https://gitter.im/egnyte/gitlabform

GitLabForm is an easy configuration as code tool for GitLab using config in plain YAML.


GitLabForm enables you to manage:

  • Project settings,
  • Deployment keys,
  • Secret variables,
  • Branches (protect/unprotect),
  • Services,
  • (Project) Hooks,
  • (Add/edit or delete) Files, with simple templating,
  • Merge Requests approvals settings and approvers (EE 10.6+ only),


  • all projects you have access to,
  • a group of projects,
  • a single project,

...and a combination of them (default config for all projects + more specific for some groups + even more specific for particular projects).

Quick start

  1. Install with: pip3 install gitlabform

  2. Create example config.yml:

  url: https://gitlab.yourcompany.com
  token: "<private token of an admin user>"
  api_version: 4

        key: ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQC3WiHAsm2UTz2dU1vKFYUGfHI1p5fIv84BbtV/9jAKvZhVHDqMa07PgVtkttjvDC8bA1kezhOBKcO0KNzVoDp0ENq7WLxFyLFMQ9USf8LmOY70uV/l8Gpcn1ZT7zRBdEzUUgF/PjZukqVtuHqf9TCO8Ekvjag9XRfVNadKs25rbL60oqpIpEUqAbmQ4j6GFcfBBBPuVlKfidI6O039dAnDUsmeafwCOhEvQmF+N5Diauw3Mk+9TMKNlOWM+pO2DKxX9LLLWGVA9Dqr6dWY0eHjWKUmk2B1h1HYW+aUyoWX2TGsVX9DlNY7CKiQGsL5MRH9IXKMQ8cfMweKoEcwSSXJ
        title: ssh_key_name_that_is_shown_in_gitlab
        can_push: false
  1. Run gitlabform my_group

  2. Watch GitLabForm add/reset this deploy key to all projects in "my_group" group in your GitLab!

Configuration syntax

See config.yml in this repo as a well documented example of configuring all projects in all groups, projects in "my_group" group and specifically project "my_group/my_project1".

More usage examples

To apply settings for a single project, run:

gitlabform my_group/my_project1

To apply settings for a group of projects, run:

gitlabform my_group

To apply settings for all groups of projects and projects explicitly defined in the config, run:

gitlabform ALL_DEFINED

To apply settings for all projects, run:

gitlabform ALL

If you are satisfied with results consider running it with cron on a regular basis to ensure that your GitLab configuration stays the way defined in your config (for example in case of some admin changes some project settings temporarily by (yuck!) clicking).

All command line parameters


gitlabform -h

...to see the current set of supported command line parameters.


  • Python 3.5+
  • GitLab 9.1+ (EE 10.6+ for merge_requests section)


This tool was created as a workaround for missing GitLab features such as assigning deploy keys per project groups but as of now we prefer to use it ever if there are appropriate web UI features, such as secret variables per project groups (released in GitLab 9.4) to keep configuration as code.

GitLabForm is slightly similar to GitLab provider for Terraform (which we love, btw!), but it has much more features and uses simpler configuration format.

How does it work?

It just goes through a loop of projects list and make a series of GitLab API requests. Where possible it corresponds to GitLab API 1-to-1, so for example it just PUTs or POSTs the hash set at given place in its config transformed into JSON, so that it's not necessary to modify the app in case of some GitLab API changes.

Ideas for improvement

See https://github.com/egnyte/gitlabform/issues