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Team Foundation Server Security as a Code
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Team Foundation Server Security as Code

One of the major complications in the administration of TFS is to take care of permissioning. Some companies give more permissions to users, other give restrict essentials permissions, or have a heavy code of access. Although it is possible to extract a report of the current permissions, you can not see the change history. The permissions are also scattered which makes the administration for a service desk department.

The objective of TSC is set the permissions of TFS and VSTS and mantain updated e versioned. Is Security as a Code.


After to postpone many times to really put effort on this project, on the last days, it really happened. There are much work to do.

But I'm seize the opportunity, as an Microsoft MVP focused on DevOps, to test the new feature of VSTS: Public projects!

That is why I'm moving the code to:

This project is directly related with VSTS, and thinking about dog food it's make sense.

I hope all of you may contribute to this, let's code the administration process by automation!

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