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Crossplatform Telegram client
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Egram is an unofficial crossplatform Telegram client written in C#, .NET Core, ReactiveUI and Avalonia.

Platform Status Download
MacOS Build Status .dmg
Windows Build Status .exe .zip
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This project aims to be a full featured Telegram client with different approach to UI. Also some new features might be introduced to explore what might be implemented on Telegram platform. 100% compatibility with official clients is top priority for this project - features won't be added if they break this rule.



Egram is MIT licensed.


To compile and run the application, you need to download and install latest .NET Core SDK. Clone the repository using Git. Then, go into directory and run dotnet run command.

# Remember to install .NET Core SDK and git before executing this.
git clone
dotnet restore
dotnet run


Contributors are welcome. Please submit an issue before introducing new features, then you might create a "work in progress" (WIP) pull request to prevent other people from working on the same feature. Dev group is here: egram_dev, please feel free to ask questions. If you are new to this project there are some entry-level issues marked with "good first issue" tag.

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