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Wings of Glove

An interactive installation for a school project in human-computer interaction with focus on using input/output beyond what is typical in computing (keyboards, mice, etc…).

A video demo of the 3D world


The concept for the installation was to relive the experience we had as a child when we ran around and used our arm to imitate a plane or a bird flying.

It was built by mounting an Arduino microcontroller with a gyroscope sensor to a gardening glove to track the hand movement, a controllable hawk in an endless 3D world built with webGL, and a Node.js server which did intercommunication through webSockets.

We were proud and honored for being awarded "Gullspiren", an award given by the school jury to the best student work in each field at graduation.


The real experience lies with the interaction through the glove, but you can try out the 3D world by using your keyboard arrows.


Einar Löve: Concept, game design and WebGL programming.
Torbjørn Lunde: Concept, hardware design and Arduino programming.

The 3D assets are borrowed from 3 Dream of Black, an interactive video by Chris Milk.

========== Image of the gardening glove Overview of the Arduino parts View from the behind of the installation View from the side of the installation A view from the 3D world Sketch from concept development Storyboard from concept development


An interactive hawk in 3D world controlled by a glove with an Arduino microcontroller



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