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Let mail() and create!() return what their overridden versions do.

This allows us to continue to do MailerClass.mailer_method.deliver
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1 parent 4e93240 commit 4ff3e216be882bd37fef4b51222ea41da06a15c9 @einarmagnus committed Mar 14, 2012
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  1. +2 −1 lib/sendgrid.rb
@@ -141,14 +141,15 @@ def sendgrid_unique_args(args)
# Sets the custom X-SMTPAPI header after creating the email but before delivery
# NOTE: This override is used for Rails 3 ActionMailer classes.
def mail(headers={}, &block)
- super
+ m = super
if @sg_substitutions && !@sg_substitutions.empty?
@sg_substitutions.each do |find, replace|
raise"Array for #{find} is not the same size as the recipient array") if replace.size != @sg_recipients.size
puts "SendGrid X-SMTPAPI: #{sendgrid_json_headers(message)}" if Object.const_defined?("SENDGRID_DEBUG_OUTPUT") && SENDGRID_DEBUG_OUTPUT
self.headers['X-SMTPAPI'] = sendgrid_json_headers(message)
+ m

2 comments on commit 4ff3e21

It should be better to use super.tap or returning() for preserve the return value


einarmagnus replied Jun 21, 2012

Perhaps. Semantically there is no difference, but it may be safer if someone edits this further.

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