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Jabber Tutorial Platform

Information on the project itself

Project was initiated to make communication through Jabber more popular in the german speaking area. You can find some information on the projects intention in the initial blogpost

Some deeper information is aggregated in the (provisional) official Wiki

Information on this piece of software


The application was to show dead-easy step-by-step tutorials, to get more people to use jabber as their primary instant messaging platform. Ok, tutorials could just have been written into static HTML-files, or presented through a wiki engine. There are several downsides on these kinds of approaches, the worst one being the immense investment of time you have to put into maintaining the tutorials spread over a lot of HTML-files or wiki pages. This approach uses a single JSON-formatted file together with a folder of screenshots per tutorial. This makes the tutorials easy to update if a new version of the software appears.


The original version was based on the python WSGI-framework Werkzeug and used Jinja2 as its templating engine. To be correct it still does, but is now powered by Flask, which is considered to be a micro-framework, but the effort of the extentioneers and the awesome documentation really make it a pleasure to work with. Currently it depends on JSON as storage for the tutorial information like the image names and the text to display underneath. The tutorials are kept in a separate git-repository, which you can find here.