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title: "NSF Collaboration List from PubMed"
author: "Elana J Fertig"
date: "August 15, 2017"
output: word_document
# R session
```{r setup, include=FALSE}
knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE)
# Set author for query
This code sets the author from which to query. By default it uses my name, Elana Fertig, in the variable `author`. Please format your name as `"LAST NAME" "FIRST INITIAL"` to match pubmed query structure.
`authorFilter` contains the full names as `"LAST NAME" "INITALS"` to filter out additional authors with other initials. This may require further customization depending on your name.
`affiliationFilter` is a strong with an affiliation to filter for authors with similar names.
author <- 'Fertig E'
authorFilter <- 'Fertig ET'
affiliationFilter <- 'Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group'
# Establish date range
NSF requires a "list of all persons alphabetically who are current or past collaborators on a project, book, article, rpt, abstract or paper for past 48 mos." By default, we assume that the 48 month period starts on the date of running this software. This can be changed to a different date by storing the desired date in the `currentDate` variable as a `Date` object.
currentDate <- Sys.Date()
queryDate <- seq(Sys.Date(), length = 2, by = "-48 months")[2]
# Query pubmed
pmquery <- sapply(articles_to_list(fetch_pubmed_data(get_pubmed_ids(paste0(author,'[Author]')))),article_to_df)
names(pmquery) <- NULL
# filter out oddly formatted references
pmquery <- pmquery[sapply(pmquery,function(x){any(colnames(x)=='year')})]
# Find publications from valid date range
# get date of publication
datePMID <- as.Date(sapply(pmquery,function(x){paste(x[1,'year'],
pmquery <- pmquery[datePMID >= queryDate]
# Exclude manuscripts by authors with similar names
Note -- this part of the code may need to be customized depending on your name and additional publications that arise from a pubmed query.
getInitials <- function(s) {
sapply(strsplit(s,split=" "), function(x){
toupper(paste(substring(x, 1, 1), collapse = ""))
validIDs <- !as.logical(sapply(sapply(pmquery,function(x){paste(x$lastname,getInitials(x$firstname))}),function(x){length(grep(authorFilter,x)>0)})) &
pmquery <- pmquery[validIDs]
# Sort into data frame
pmquery.dataframe <- ldply(pmquery,data.frame)
# format author names
pmquery.dataframe$Initials <- getInitials(pmquery.dataframe$firstname)
pmquery.dataframe$ColabType <- 'Co-Author'
morecollab <- read.xlsx('CollaboratorsNew.xlsx',sheetIndex = 1,header=T)
morecollab$ColabType <- 'Collaborator'
pmquery.dataframe <- rbind(pmquery.dataframe,morecollab)
# find unique co-authors
pmquery.dataframe <- pmquery.dataframe[!duplicated(paste(pmquery.dataframe$lastname,pmquery.dataframe$Initials)),]
# alphabetize the list
pmquery.dataframe <- pmquery.dataframe[order(pmquery.dataframe$lastname,pmquery.dataframe$Initials),]
# Word formatted collaboration list
`r paste(paste(paste(pmquery.dataframe$Initials,pmquery.dataframe$lastname),pmquery.dataframe$address,sep=", "),collapse='; ')`
# CSV for COI
csvOut <- data.frame('FastLane Proposal Number'=rep('',nrow(pmquery.dataframe)),
'Last Name'=pmquery.dataframe$lastname,
'First Name'=pmquery.dataframe$firstname,
'Institution or Affiliation'=pmquery.dataframe$address,
'Conflicted with Person (Last Name)'=strsplit(author,split=" ")[[1]][1],
'Conflicted with Person (First Name)'=strsplit(author,split=" ")[[1]][2],
'Type of Conflict'=pmquery.dataframe$ColabType)
write.csv(csvOut,row.names = F,file='ConflictOfInterest.csv')
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