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R markdown file to extract list of collaborators and affiliations from pubmed for NSF biosketch
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R markdown file extracts a list of collaborators and affiliations from pubmed for NSF biosketch.

The main script is the CollaboratorList.Rmd, designed for my usage but can be adapted to your name following the instructions in the script. CollaboratorsNew.xlsx is a spreadsheet designed to contain new collaborators and add them to the list. The Rmd outputs CollaboratorList.docx which contains the collaborators formatted per NSF requrements and ConflictOfInterest.csv for the table formatted per NSF requirements.

Please note this includes only the list of collaborators for conflicts of interest sections in the Biosketch. The results may be copied and pasted into the appropriate section of your biosketch.

Formatting of affiliations is from the address field in pubmed and may require manual editing. Edited COI tables saved in the file ConflictOfInterest_formatted.csv can be recreated for the biosketch in word with COIFormatFinal.Rmd with an example output in COIFormatFinal.docx.

Please use freely, but note that I am not responsible for errors or omissions that may result.

This is just a first pass with awkward formatting. Any additions and/or edits are welcome! Please comment under issues or email

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