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a minimal C++ interval tree implementation
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An interval tree can be used to efficiently find a set of numeric
intervals overlapping or containing another interval.

This library provides a basic implementation of an interval tree using
C++ templates, allowing the insertion of arbitrary types into the


Add #include "IntervalTree.h" to the source files in which you will
use the interval tree.

To make an IntervalTree to contain objects of class T, use:

   vector<Interval<T> > intervals;
   T a, b, c;
   intervals.push_back(Interval<T>(2, 10, a));
   intervals.push_back(Interval<T>(3, 4, b));
   intervals.push_back(Interval<T>(20, 100, c));
   IntervalTree<T> tree;
   tree = IntervalTree<T>(intervals);

Now, it's possible to query the tree and obtain a set of intervals
which are contained within the start and stop coordinates.

    vector<Interval<T> > results;
    tree.findContained(start, stop, results);
    cout << "found " << results.size()
         << " overlapping intervals" << endl;

The function IntervalTree::findOverlapping provides a method to find
all those intervals which are contained or partially overlap the
interval (start, stop).

Author: Erik Garrison <>

License: MIT
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