A port of Bryan O'Sullivan's attoparsec from Haskell to Scala
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scala-attoparsec is a port of Bryan O'Sullivan's attoparsec library from Haskell to Scala.

scala-attoparsec is released under a BSD open source licence

The source code for scala-attoparsec is hosted on GitHub: http://github.com/ekmett/scala-attoparsec

Snapshots and Releases published to the Maven repository at maven.comonad.com

Build Instructions

The root directory of the project contains the SBT launcher, shell script, and Windows command script.

This is the directory structure of the build.

|- project +
|          |-build +
|          |       |- attoparsec.scala       Project Definition, containing module structure, compiler
|          |       |                         options, cross module dependencies, etc.
|          |       |- build.properties       Version of SBT, Scala, and scala-attoparsec
|          |                                 A different version of Scala is used to run SBT and compile
|          |                                 the Project Definition than is used to compile scala-attoparsec
|          |-target                          Compiled Project Definition
|          |
|          +-boot                            Versions of Scala Compiler and Library.
|-src   +
|       |-main +
|       |      |-scala            Source files
|       |
|       |-test +
|              |-scala            Test source files
|-lib_managed                     Managed Dependencies for this module, e.g. Scalacheck.
|-target +
         |- <scala version M>    All built artifacts (classes, jars, scaladoc) for module N
                                 built for version M of Scala.

1. ./sbt update (this step is required after a fresh checkout, after changing the version of
                 SBT, Scala, or other dependencies)
2. ./sbt [compile | package | test-compile | test | publish-local | publish]

For continuous compilation:

$ ./sbt
> ~ compile

For other options, read: http://code.google.com/p/simple-build-tool/wiki/DocumentationHome

  val comonadMaven = "comonad.com Maven Repository" at "http://maven.comonad.com/"
  val attoparsec = "com.comonad" %% "scala-attoparsec" % "0.1"