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Table of contents

  1. Pylipse
  2. How to run
  3. Options
  4. Help
  5. Requirements


A GUI for manual ellipse fitting for Elliptical and Spiral galaxies ...


How to run

        python [options]


        python -j  NGC4037 


        Use the `-h` flag to see all the following options.

         - You need to have at least a FITS file of your galaxy in either u,g,r,i,z bands. 
         - The file name must have this format: <object_name>_<filter>.fits
         - where filter is u, g, r, i, and/or z. 

         - You can also have these images in PNG format: 
          - In that case these images would be used for a colorful display. Otherwise the FITS file is used for the preview display.
          - This program us able to call DS9 program to open FITS files for manual ellipse fitting. 
          - FITS files wiil be also used for their WCS information.

          * To download ds9:

          Note: PNG and FITS files should exactly match and have the same dimestions. 

         - Example: 
            $ python -j pgc57129
              where: "pgc57129_g.fits" and "pgc57129_gri.png" are correscponding g-band FITS and PNG color images.
            $ python -h 
              To see help and all available options.

          -h, --help            show this help message and exit
          -j OBJECT, --object=OBJECT
                                The object name


Mouse Actions

Use mouse middle wheel for scrolling

A) When mouse pointer is on the image

  • scroll-down = zoom-in
  • scroll-up = zoom-outer
  • middle-click = re-center the image

B) When anywhere on the GUI window

  • Ctrl+Scroll_up = increase the semi-major axis

  • Ctrl+Scroll_down = decrease the semi-major axis

  • Shift+Scroll_up = increase the semi-minor axis

  • Shift+Scroll-down = decrease the semi-minor axis

  • Alt+Scroll_up = increase the position angle (PA)

  • Alt+Scroll_down = decrease the position angle (PA)

  • PA increases in clock-wise direction.

  • PA = 0 if semi-major axis is horizontal

  • Step-size is displayed in the box next to the a-/b- and PA-control bars.

  • Left click on the box: increases the step size by one pixel

  • Right click on the box: decreases the step size by one pixel

  • Left/Right double click = choose a new center for the ellipse

  • Middle click or enter-key = re-center the ellipse, if a new center has been already chosen

  • Middle double click` = choose the new center and re-draw the ellipse at once (b7+b8)

  • z+Left_click = choose a new center for the ellipse (b7)

  • Esc = Ignoring the new chosen center

C) When the fits file is displayed (no jpg file)

  • chaning the contrast
  • reset the contrst parameters


This code has been tested using Python 3.7.6. For any later python versions, you may need to modify/adjust a few syntaxes to get all the GUI features to work.

This is the list of major Python packages you need.

       - matplotlib
       - numpy
       - optparse
       - astropy
       - pylab
       - PIL

To install PIL (Pillow):

        pip install pillow

Having the following packages is optional (necessary activate the HELP icon in the GUI):

       - tkinter
       - Pmw

Note: tkinter might not be installed using pip. So, you need to install it on your system separately. On Ubuntu, you can use the following command:

        sudo apt-get install python3-tk

   - - - -    

  • Version : v1.0 (March 2016)
  • Author: Ehsan Kourkchi
  • Copyright 2016: Feel free to distribute and modify for a better performance


A Python GUI for manual ellipse fitting on Elliptical and Spiral galaxies ...






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