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this is a simple menubar application for changing the current warmth of your mac.

The release is tested and built against macOS 10.12.4. It uses the CoreBrightness private framework. Due to this fact, it may not work on any other OS than 10.12.4. If it does work elsewhere, let me know, and I'll put it in the readme. The feature was only added in 10.12.4 so if it can work it will only be on later OS version.

Feel free to contribute.

Using it

There are releases in the releases tab. The app is not officially signed so you will need to do some dancing around Gatekeeper. Some info here (first link I found).

Command line

run with ./shifter, add it to your path to run anywhere.

$ ./shifter get #returns current setting as integer * 100
$ ./shifter set 50 # set warmth level to 50%, 0.5
$ ./shifter on
$ ./shifter off


I used frida to track down the calls System Preferences makes, figured out which framework has those classes, and class-dumped it. I included a partial header for CBBlueLightClient which contains the methods I use.