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Ship logs from Kubernetes to Elasticsearch

Kubernetes DaemonSet

By deploying filebeat as a DaemonSet we ensure we get a running filebeat daemon on each node of the cluster.

Docker logs host folder (/var/lib/docker/containers) is mounted on the filebeat container. Filebeat will start an input for these files and start harvesting them as they appear.

Everything is deployed under kube-system namespace, you can change that by updating YAML manifests under this folder.


We use official Beats Docker images, as they allow external files configuration, a ConfigMap is used for kubernetes specific settings. Check filebeat-configmap.yaml for details.

Also, filebeat-daemonset.yaml uses a set of environment variables to configure Elasticsearch output:

Variable Default Description
ELASTICSEARCH_HOST elasticsearch Elasticsearch host
ELASTICSEARCH_PORT 9200 Elasticsearch port
ELASTICSEARCH_USERNAME elastic Elasticsearch username for HTTP auth
ELASTICSEARCH_PASSWORD changeme Elasticsearch password

If there is an existing elasticsearch service in the kubernetes cluster these defaults will use it.

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