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This repository contains the official Elasticsearch Docker image from Elastic.

Documentation can be found on the Elastic web site.

Make sure you have read all the instructions properly, just "skimming through" will not help you.

Supported Docker versions

The images have been tested on Docker 17.03.1-ce.


A full build and test requires:

  • Docker
  • GNU Make
  • Python 3.5 with Virtualenv

Running a build

To build an image with a released version of Elasticsearch, check out the corresponding branch for the version, and run Make while specifying the exact version desired. Like this:

git checkout 6.3

To build an image with the latest nightly snapshot of Elasticsearch, run:

make from-snapshot

Contributing, issues and testing

Acceptance tests for the image are located in the test directory, and can be invoked with make test.

This image is built on CentOS 7.