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A Rogue-Like made in Java
Java Shell
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Stuyablo: Tale of the Land of R'Meot

This game was created in my AP Computer Science class as a homework that became a personal project.

Stuyablo is a name derived as a combination of the name of my school: Stuyvesant, and the famous RPG game: Diablo.

Release Logs:

Release 1.0:

	- Basic Text Based Interactivity

	- Boss rooms on levels 100 , 150 , 200

	- Treasure chest rooms that grand debuffs and buffs

	- Combat sequences

	- Save files enabled

	- Added DevConsole

Release 1.1:

	- Added ASCII GUI

	- Renamed 'devconsole' command to 'devmode'

	- Fixed 'monster eraser' glitch


- Inventory

- Shops

- Potions

- Multicharacter parties

- 'Raidboss' NPC parties that interact with the player's party

- Difficulty setting

- Multiple Save File Capabilities
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