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Electrode Bundle Analyzer

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A webpack bundle analyzer that gives you a detail list of all the files that went into your deduped and minified bundle JS file.

If you use webpack to bundle your code and apply all the optimization to your production bundle output, then you get a very compact JS file that's impossible to read.

Do you wish you can get a list of what files made their way into that bundle after all the optimizations have been applied? Well, this module will make your wish come true.


$ npm i electrode-bundle-analyzer --save-dev


Generating the Necessary Data

In order for this module to be able to make sense of your optimized bundle file, you need to preserve a comment that webpack inserted into the bundle which indicates the module ID, and save the stats.json from webpack.

The module ID comment normally looks something like this:

/***/ },
/* 1 */
/***/ function(module, exports, __webpack_require__) {

We want the line /* 1 */ to be preserved.

It'd be looking something pretty mundane like this when it's preserved in the optimized bundle.

 ... ))}},/* 1 */
function(e,t,n){"use strict";e.exports=n(2)},/* 2 */
function(e,t,n){ ...

Assuming you use UglifyJsPlugin to minify your bundle. In order to preserve that line, add to the comments regex as indicated below.

To generate the stats.json file, one recommended plugin is the webpack-stats-plugin. Add it to your webpack config as indicated below.

var optimize = require("webpack").optimize;
var StatsWriterPlugin = require("webpack-stats-plugin").StatsWriterPlugin;

var statsOptions = {
  filename: "stats.json",
  fields: null,
  transform: function (data) {
    data.modules.forEach(function (m) {
      delete m.source;
    delete data.children;
    return JSON.stringify(data, null, 2);

var webPackConfig = {
  plugins: [
    new optimize.UglifyJsPlugin({
      compress: {
        warnings: false
      comments: /^\**!|^ [0-9]+ $|@preserve|@license/
    new StatsWriterPlugin(statsOptions)


Once you have the bundle and stats files, you can generate detail module files from them.

The simple command is:

$ analyze-bundle -b bundle.js -s stats.json

You can run it without any options or -h to get full usage output:

Usage: analyze-bundle --bundle [bundle.js] --stats [stats.json] --dir [output_dir] --rewrite

  -b, --bundle   JS bundle file from webpack                          [required]
  -s, --stats    stats JSON file from webpack[default: "dist/server/stats.json"]
  -r, --rewrite  rewrite the bundle file with module ID comments removed
  -d, --dir      directory to write the analyze results       [default: ".etmp"]
  -h, --help     Show help                                             [boolean]

With the rewrite option, you can remove the module ID comments from your optimized bundle after it's been analyzed.

If you don't specify an output directory, a default one .etmp will be created and a .gitignore file is also added there to avoid git picking it up.

Two files will be written to the output directory:

  • bundle.analyze.json
  • bundle.analyze.tsv

The tsv file is a Tab Separated Values text file that you can easily import into a spreadsheet for viewing.

For example:

Module ID       Full Path       Identity Path   Size (bytes)
0       ./client/app.jsx        ./client/app.jsx  328
1       ./~/react/react.js      ~/react/react.js        46
2       ./~/react/lib/React.js  ~/react/lib/React.js    477
3       ./~/object-assign/index.js      ~/object-assign/index.js        984
4       ./~/react/lib/ReactChildren.js  ~/react/lib/ReactChildren.js    1344

The ~ is a replacement for node_modules.

Using the Result

The best way to make use of the result is to import the tsv file into a spreadsheet and sort the Identity Path column. Any duplicate entries there means you are pulling multiple versions of the same module into your bundle.

TBD: We plan to add more feature to generate a summary report from the analyze results.

Built with ❤️ by Team Electrode @WalmartLabs.