@zcbenz zcbenz released this Mar 11, 2016 · 13024 commits to master since this release

Assets 25


  • Add show and hide events to BrowserWindow.
  • Do not block when calling document.hidden.
  • Fix visibilitychange event not working.
  • Fix passing certificate to select-client-certificate event's callback.
  • Fix PrintScreen not working as accelerator.
  • Fix style issues with <webview> inside flexbox.
  • Fix unable to read image when there is .. in file path.


  • Fix resizable option not working.


  • Make fullscreenable option work.


  • Add platform-theme-changed event to app module.
  • Add app.isDarkMode() API.
  • Fix Cmd+~ cycling windows in wrong direction.
  • Fix BrowserWindow.isMaximized() returning wrong result when window is not resizable.