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Named, vector icons for elementary OS
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elementary Icons


An original set of vector icons designed specifically for elementary OS and its desktop environment: Pantheon.

These icons are licensed openly under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Redistributing, forking, remixing, etc. are encouraged!

If you feel the desire to compensate the artists who maintain these icons for your usage, please see this page and thank you!

Contributing Icons

It is recommended to use the free and open source Inkscape vector editor to create elementary icons. Any and all icons must follow the elementary Icon Design Guidelines.

An elementary color palette (rendered version) is provided; it is recommended to copy it into your Inkscape settings before you get started.

cp data/elementary.gpl ~/.config/inkscape/palettes/

To contribute to the elementary icon set, open a pull request to this repository with your icon(s).

It is strongly encouraged to vacuum all vectors with Inkscape. This keeps the repository lean, clean, and fast for everyone. For convenience, a git pre-commit hook is included. To install, run these commands from your local repository folder:

$ cp pre-commit .git/hooks/
$ chmod +x .git/hooks/pre-commit


You need the Meson build system to install it. Once you've installed it, run these commands in the root of the icon set.

$ meson build --prefix=/usr
$ cd build
$ sudo ninja install

Not a Universal Icon Set

Since this set is designed specifically for elementary OS, pull requests to add icons or symlinks that are specific to other desktop environments (such as xfce-* or gnome-* named icons) will be rejected.

Use of icon names in line with the FreeDesktop.Org Icon Naming Specification is encouraged.

Third-Party Brand Preservation

elementary icons do not attempt to supply icons for third-party apps. Pull requests to add icons or symbolic links that would overwrite the branding of third-party apps will be rejected.

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