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A Leaflet plugin for drawing Bézier curves and other complex shapes. (DEMO)


If using directly, include the plugin after Leaflet:

<script src="leaflet.js"></script>
<script src="leaflet.curve.js"></script>

(If rendering using canvas AND using animations, include tween.js as well.)

If using Node.js, install and import:

yarn add @elfalem/leaflet-curve
import L from 'leaflet'  // import { curve, Curve } from 'leaflet'; // for TypeScript
import '@elfalem/leaflet-curve'

Add a path that includes a Bézier curve and straight lines:

var path = L.curve(['M',[50.54136296522163,28.520507812500004],


  • This plugin is based on Leaflet version 1.1.0.
  • SVG rendering is best supported. Canvas rendering is also possible.
  • Browser and device compatibility testing is very limited.


The first argument to L.curve() is an array of path data. This is composed of commands and coordinates. The commands are a subset of the SVG path specification.

Command Parameters Description
M [lat,lng]+ move to [lat,lng]
L [lat,lng]+ line to [lat,lng]
H [lng]+ horizontal line to [lng]
V [lat]+ vertical line to [lat]
C ([lat1,lng1],[lat2,lng2],[lat,lng])+ cubic Bézier curve to [lat,lng] with control points at [lat1,lng1] and [lat2,lng2]
S ([lat2,lng2],[lat,lng])+ cubic bézier curve to [lat,lng] with control points at reflection of second control point of previous curve [lat1,lng1] and [lat2,lng2]
Q ([lat1,lng1],[lat,lng])+ quadratic Bézier curve to [lat,lng] with control point at [lat1,lng1]
T ([lat,lng])+ quadratic Bézier curve to [lat,lng] with control point at reflection of control point of previous curve [lat1,lng1]
Z close path (line to M)

Note that only absolute commands (uppercase) are implemented. It's possible to approximate elliptical arcs (command 'A') with Bézier curves (the elliptical-arc branch implements this command if you're interested).

The L.Curve class extends L.Path so options, events, and methods inherited from L.Path are available. The following new option and methods are introduced by L.Curve.


Option Type Default Description
animate Integer or animate options object undefined Animates the curve. It takes a parameter which is the same one provided to the options parameter of Element.animate() method. Note: Web Animations API support varies across browsers.


Method Returns Description
setPath(pathData[]) this Replaces the current path with the given array of commands and coordinates.
getPath() pathData[] Returns array of the commands and coordinates in the path.
setLatLngs(pathData[]) this Alias to method this.setPath(pathData[]) using the naming convention of L.Polyline and other Leaflet components.
getLatLngs() pathData[] Alias to method this.getPath() using the naming convention of L.Polyline and other Leaflet components.
trace(samplingDistance[]) latLng[] Returns array of points that lie on the curve at the given distances. Sampling distance is a decimal value between 0 and 1 inclusive and is applied to each segment (i.e. command) of the curve. See DEMO for example.




  • Bug reports and pull requests are welcome!