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  1. streamdeck-plugintemplate streamdeck-plugintemplate Public archive

    Stream Deck SDK: Plugin Template

    JavaScript 227 64

  2. streamdeck-philipshue streamdeck-philipshue Public

    Stream Deck SDK: Philips Hue sample plugin

    JavaScript 191 45

  3. streamdeck-plugin-template streamdeck-plugin-template Public template

    A starting place for a new JavaScript Stream Deck plugin.

    HTML 173 63

  4. streamdeck-cpu streamdeck-cpu Public

    Stream Deck SDK: CPU sample plugin

    C++ 124 42

  5. streamdeck-javascript-sdk streamdeck-javascript-sdk Public

    A library for plugins used for connecting to Stream Deck.

    CSS 115 16

  6. streamdeck-numberdisplay streamdeck-numberdisplay Public

    Stream Deck SDK: NumberDisplay sample plugin

    CSS 91 28


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